La Favorita recommends… Escalopes with artichoke cream

14 February 2024

La Favorita recommends… Escalopes with artichoke cream 👇

Ingredients to serve 4: 400 g sliced topside of veal, 1 x 180 g jar La Favorita Fish Artichoke Cream, 50 g butter, 100 g cooking cream, 1 clove garlic, 1 bunch parsley, 100 g La Favorita Fish Black Olives, salt and pepper.

1️⃣ Fry the crushed garlic clove lightly in a large frying pan with the butter and oil; remove it and cook the veal slices quickly in the butter and oil until brown; add salt and pepper, drain and keep hot.

2️⃣ Pour the artichoke cream into a frying pan, add the cream, heat and amalgamate for one minute over a low heat; add the olives and the meat and continue heating to absorb the flavours, turning the slices a couple of times.

3️⃣ Take off the heat and serve the escalopes covered in the artichoke cream with a dusty of parsley. For an even richer dish, try this recipe with artichoke and garlic or artichoke and truffle cream.

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