Our specialities

Driven by what is natural,
what is necessary, and love.

Our products make “nice moments”, “unforgettable experiences”. For the last forty years, our aim has simply been to bring all the genuineness of simple things, and farmhouse cooking, to the table. Whether starters or sauces, pesto or egg pasta, each of our specialities is carefully prepared using natural methods that ensure flavours and aromas remain intact.

La conservazione

Se c’è una cosa a cui proprio non sappiamo rinunciare è la semplicità. I nostri prodotti vengono preparati a bagnomaria, e poi coperti con cura dal migliore olio di oliva.

Molte delle nostre creazioni vengono ancora realizzate a mano, senza l’aiuto di macchinari industriali. Come i pomodori, che vengono fatti essiccare al sole prima di essere messi sott’olio e pastorizzati.

be our guest.

Now that we have selected the best for you, why not choose what you would like? Each and every flavour is a moment to treasure, each and every product a story to discover and relish.


Typical and renowned Ligurian sauces; add a tasty accompaniment for pasta, or enhance your vegetable and meat soups.

Tomato Sauces

Original traditional Mediterranean tomato sauces. Perfect for accompanying all kinds of pasta.


Appetising sauces, excellent on ‘bruschette’ toasted bread, meat, fish, eggs and vegetables.


Tasty creams to enrich canapés, toasted bread and crostini. Both delicate and savoury recipes for the delight of every palate.

Starters and vegetables

A good lunch starts with a starter! A rich choice to whet everybody’s appetite.

Truffle specialities

Original ideas to make your special dinner party a guaranteed success. Enrich your table and amaze your guests.


Oils, seasonings, condiments, and salt enriched with flavours, tastes and originality. Unusual condiments to add a special touch to your special dishes.

Fruits with wine

Delicious desserts made with the finest fruits and enriched with the aromas and flavours of D.O.C. (Controlled Designation of Origin) wines. Served as a dessert or accompaniment for cakes and ice cream.

Sweets and desserts

Original delicacies for when it’s time to give yourself a little treat.

Cheese and honey mustards

Fine delicious mustards with truly singular flavours that provide the perfect match for every type of cheese.

Egg pasta

From the most traditional to the tastiest flavours; egg pasta that gives free rein to your creative streak!

Rice and polenta

Everything near to hand to prepare a real gourmet risotto or simply enjoy a quick and simple, yet rich and tasty, polenta.

Make yourself at home.

That special care that we reserve for those we love is the same care we dedicate to every product we select, every new dish we choose, every single sauce we make.