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Production lines

Passed down from
family to family.

Our recipes are brought to life by our love of our land, good food, and country cooking. We use simple wholesome ingredients to create our products and then work and preserve them with traditional techniques to ensure their aromas and freshness remain exactly as they are.

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La Favorita recommends… Truffle Egg Tagliatelle

Our specialities

The scents and flavours of true tradition.

Pesto with Genovese basil

Our basil is carefully nurtured, freshly harvested and made truly unique thanks to recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Truffle specialities

Succumb to the fragrant aromas of our land and turn every occasion into an unforgettable experience.

Egg pasta

As tradition demands, three ingredients combine to make our egg pasta; fresh Italian eggs, the finest durum wheat flour, and all the time it needs to make it truly unique.

Tomato Sauces

Original traditional Mediterranean tomato sauces. Perfect for accompanying all kinds of pasta.


Tasty creams to enrich canapés, toasted bread and crostini. Both delicate and savoury recipes for the delight of every palate.

Crema di noci

“Per me il cibo è piacere e delicatezza, per questo ho scelto il sapore inconfondibile della salsa alle noci”


Rediscovering traditional tastes and aromas means searching back into our origins to nourish not only our body, but also our soul.

Recognition and awards

Our specialities expertly bring together regional dishes and the relentless search for perfection. We select the finest raw materials, create new recipes and nurture the gifts of our heritage to best savour the future.

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